Our Services

The Guildfords Group of Companies provide a variety of specialty commercial, industrial and residential contracting services and our work and craftsmanship can be found in many different settings throughout Atlantic Canada. Our commitment to safety, quality and customer satisfaction is evidenced by the range and breadth of projects in which we engage.

You’ll find our quality craftsmanship in Atlantic Canada’s major hospitals, universities, sports facilities and schools. Our insulation and other specialty crafts can also be found in the Region’s major industrial sites such as oil refineries, power generating plants, oil rigs and offshore vessels, just to name a few. Our workmanship and customer service supports many operations involved in the Atlantic fishery and our restoration and custom renovation capabilities have met the quality expectations of the many residential and commercial property owners we’ve served.

Our specialty services range broadly from insulation, abatement and a variety of spray applications to structural steel and building erection, sheet metal application and custom steel fabrication. Other services include marine diesel supply and refit services, fishing equipment fabrication and repair.

Guildfords (2005) Inc. is Atlantic Canada's premier Insulation Services Contractor. Founded in 1906, Guildfords provides a wide range of insulation systems and services to customers operating in the industrial, commercial, and marine business sectors in all four of the Atlantic Canadian Provinces.

The Guildfords corporate structure includes sister companies Guild Contracting Specialties (2005) Inc., which specializes in asbestos abatement, mould and fungicidal remediation and special coatings application including polyurethane foam, and Dover Insulation Contractors (2005) Inc.which provides insulation contracting services in New Brunswick.

Scotia Sheet Metal Inc. offers specialized fabrication, steel building and other structural steel erection services while MSM Construction Services Limited focuses on large-scale industrial projects in Western and Northern Canada, providing building erection, structural steel, cladding and insulation services.

Shelburne Diesel Supplies & Services Limited, is a full-service, marine-oriented diesel repair and fabrication business providing a wide range of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical repair services for the marine diesel market and other diesel-related technical support services to industrial, utility and other market segments.

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